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What do i love the most :
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just read it ! Don't ask much. ;)

Okay,lama x update blog kan kan. Busy busy ~ -______-' Anyway,Happy Fasting Month everyone ! Woooo ~ My first experience celebrating fasting month WITHOUT MY BELOVED FAMILY. Hmm,it's very tragic. :C Huhu. But,lama lama i started to get into this new experience. Celebrating this fasting month with new friends & new surrounding in the college. It's a cool story to be told later on. C; Okay,ada cerita pasal last night. Konon konon,me & all my roomates wanna break our fast at the new cafe which is more delicate & cheaper. So,around 6 o'clock we walked happily to the new cafe. -_-'' At first when we arrived,wowww there's too many humanbeing scaterred here & there. I fainted for an hour. Okay,i'm lying. Okay,i'm sorry. Erkks. ^^, Then,around 7 o'clock,the weather seems not so good. With rain & windy started to take an action to all the humanbeing in the cafe,all of them started to being a nomad including me by move in to avoid the throughfall from the rain outside of the cafe. We eat there in a cold plus trembling kinda situation. The gred for the freeze weather are A+++++++ and many more plus. Wuuu ! Can u guise imagine that. One of my roomate said that all the customers eating in an extreme way. LOL. That's funny. In an extreme way. HAHAHA. After done eating,me & my roomates straight away wanna go back to our room. This is the havoc moment ! When the time we wanna go back to our room,we used two umbrellas. But,we have 4 person okay. 4 person ! Time tgh hujan lebat lebat tu,bayangkan 2 org 1 payung. Full of havoc & laugh. Hahaha ! It's like we must to get through a tough task to get a checkpoint. :DD Finally,when we got back to our room,our leg get wet. What a fun & COOL experienced we had. (i really mean it as a COOL experience.) xDD