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What do i love the most :
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doing assignment day & night. 0_o'

Wohooo ! Everyone know subject of Project & Presentation (P&P) is an annoying subject. Seriously,annoying subject. My lecturer also told me & the rest of my classmate the same script. Ahaha. This subject require the DECOM students A.K.A DECOMMERS of coz to make a project and then do a presentation related to the project that has been done. T_T Have you read my post title ? 'Doing assignment day & night'. This time i want to share with you guise about my first P&P assignment that must be submit on 15th of August. It's just around the corner !!! :S The assignment is a task with a partner. So,i chosed Miss Syazlin who is the huge fan of Justin Timberlake. -___- LOL ! There's a story behind it. :D Our lecturer just gave us 2weeks to complete the assignment if i'm not mistaken. He started to gave the assignment on last two weeks on Monday. So,by now we should nicely done all the reports. And yes,we already done complete it. We're doing the assignment like non stop okayy to make it as an awesome victory. HUU. But,except for the only one last section; conclusion. We're still quite not sure what should we conclude about. But,insyaAllah by tomorrow we can perfectly complete it. Aminn ~ Now i know what is it look like to live in a college as a student. Major different from schoolhood.