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Myself :
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What do i love the most :
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My music :

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Woke up quite early today. :DD

Bangun bangun je,my mom & dad dah bersiap nak pergi mana tah. Then,suddenly my dad asked me "Size baju brp ?". & aku pun jawab je lah "saiz S". When both of them left the house,i attacked my sister with my question "Why ayah asked me the size of my shirt ? with a big grin* :D" My sister answered me "Nak beli baju kurung kau lah tu untuk kolej. With her jealousy face* :\" & aku pula alahh,nak pilih sendiri. Wuuu. Xpa lah,pun boleh lah cuz my mom knows me better i guess. Hope she pick the right one. OMG,i'm so damn choosy & annoying type of girl right. Wooo. Pfft,like i care. :DD