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What do i love the most :
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Boys,the things that girls dislike & like about you.

The things that girls dislike :

1) Grumpy. But in a certain situation, u can show your grumpiness if you really care about the girl u like & that will be so damn sweet ! IT DEPENDS* :)

2) Not showing your own personalities & pretend to do something that is not the real you.

3) Using annoying words or in english/malay remix," AYATBAJETGOODGOOD".

4) Insist.

5) You're not showing your jealousy but then suddenly, you tell something that can hurt her feelings.

6) EGO.

7) Pretending that you're not care at all eventhough actually you're care so much. But sometimes,it can be cool too. But,only SOMETIMES. :)

8) Proud of doing anything bad.

9) Keep on making the girl mad for the things that she hate. Once again,sometimes i laugh & don't mind. SOMETIMES.

10) Making fun of the girl that you are actually like infront of your buddies because you don't want to show them that you are really like/love her the way she is.

11) You are too shy to make your first step to aproach & tell the girl that you are into her.

The things that girls like :

1) You show your true colors/the real you.

2) Letting the girl that you like knows that you likes her.

3) Keeping things down low/Keep calm & keep low. ;) (You're not showing too much your goodness). Or in easy word,keep yourself cool.

4) You shows your jealousy until the girl find out about it.

5) You're worried about the girl you like if she's in a bad situation.

6) You should stay calm. :)

7) You still remember her eventhough you're quite busy with your life.

8) You still want to know what's going on with her if she seems like she's having some problems & shows you want to be the good listener for her.

Bla blaa blaaa ~ Talk much,shut up. :D