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Friday, July 1, 2011

Menyelamatkan empat ekor anak kucing,dude !

I saved four little kittens last night. At the middle of the night,i sneaked out to save them. Terengterenggtrengg ~ Liyana the SuperMario. -__- Okay,i felt just like a superhero. :DD But seriously,i felt so sorry for them. The moment when i saw them,i started to cry. Hurgh. :'C I have no idea where the hell is their mom gone. Guise,don't laugh at me just because i cried for the kittens.
-______-' Kesian lah kot tengok. Tapi tapi,tak boleh salahkan mak dorang juga kan. Maybe si mak lapar kot,cari makan. Their mom should have enough energy to be able to feed her kittens right ~ Another but,takkan si ibu biar anak anak dorang bersepah around my home backyard. Jauh jauh pula tu bersepah all four of them. I grab a small towel from my home guest room because i didn't want their mom will sense a different smell & if she does,she will kill (stab them with a knife. LOLOLOLOL !) & eat them. My mom did told me before this about that. I know right,it is kinda mean. But i guess,that's the nature of animals. So let me tell you my experienced in how did i rescued the kittens last night. First kitten,i saw it blindly crawling to a big drain at the backyard of my house. OMG,with its body that still weak & its eyes that still can't even clearly see yet,the kitten can absolutely die if it fall into the drain. Second kitten,i saw it on my neighbour's open backyard. Third kitten,i saw it alone in the bushes. & for the fourth kitten,i saw it behind the bushes. Finally,i gathered all the four kittens for them to hugging each other & reconcile them. HAHAHA. Sorry for the stupid joke. ~ -..- Not for reconcile them,but for them to heat up their body one and another. Imma quite loquacious person tonight huh ? Huu ~ I'm in the good mood C: